The First International Workshop on Dynamic Scheduling Problems

June 30 — July 1, 2016, Poznań, Poland

List of accepted abstracts

The following abstracts have been accepted for presentation during IWDSP2016:

  • An ‘almost-exact’ solution to speed scaling scheduling of parallel jobs with preemption
    (A. Kononov, Y. Kovalenko)
  • An approach for proving the NP-hardness of optimization problems with hard computable objectives
    (Y. Shafransky, T-C.E. Cheng, C-T. Ng)
  • Directed sets, Möbius inversing formula and time-dependent scheduling on precedence-constrained machines
    (W. Kurc, S. Gawiejnowicz)
  • Financial scheduling with time-dependent resource consumption
    (K. Ocetkiewicz, M. Malafiejski)
  • Minimax scheduling with acceptable lead-times: extensions to position-dependent processing times, due-window and rejection
    (E. Gerstl, B. Mor, G. Mosheiov)
  • Precedence constrained position-dependent scheduling on parallel machines via schedule transformations
    (B. Przybylski)
  • Relocation scheduling with optional recycling operations
    (B.M-T. Lin)
  • Scheduling data gathering with variable communication speed
    (J. Berlinska)
  • Scheduling on identical parallel machines with controllable processing times to minimize the makespan
    (D. Oron, D. Shabtay, G. Steiner)
  • Single machine scheduling subject to a generalized linear cumulative effect
    (K. Rustogi, V. Strusevich)
  • Solving a time-dependent scheduling problem by interior point method
    (S. Gawiejnowicz, W. Kurc)
  • Workforce planning for cyclic production of multiple parts
    (M. Kovalyov, X. Delorme, A. Dolgui)

Book of abstracts

The final form of accepted abstracts can be found here.