The First International Workshop on Dynamic Scheduling Problems

June 30 — July 1, 2016, Poznań, Poland

About the workshop

  • The aim of the workshop is to present recent research results on dynamic scheduling problems, in which job processing times, job release dates, machine speeds or other parameters of the problems are variable and dynamically change in time.
  • Main topics related to the workshop scope are
    • time-dependent scheduling problems (scheduling deteriorating or shortening jobs),
    • position-dependent scheduling problems (scheduling with learning and aging effect),
    • scheduling jobs with resource-dependent (controllable) processing times,
    • discrete-continuous scheduling problems,
    • scheduling on machines with variable speeds,
    • scheduling rate-modifying activities,
    • other scheduling problems with parameters changing in time.
  • Topics not mentioned above are not excluded but potential authors are asked to contact the Programme Committee.